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Our Development Expertise

Web Development

The website is the identity of a brand and we take care of your web design and development needs as if it were our own. We believe that a website is the most impactful asset a business can have. Hence we have a dedicated team of experts who devote their time and creativity to ensure your website is not only made of sugar, spice and everything nice, but also provide a functional aspect to meet your business goals and vision. For years, we have been listening to clients across industry verticals and have successfully created hundreds of websites on different platforms.

Here are the most popular projects our developers are hired for:

  • Front-end Design & Development
  • Backend Systems with API Integrations
  • E-commerce Web Design
  • Enterprise Web Development
  • Web App Modernization and Migration

Drupal Development

We take pride in delivering some flagship Drupal projects which have set milestones in Drupal application. Our unparalleled Drupal expertise helps clients create highly secure, feature rich and engaging digital experiences that deliver tangible business results. We also specialize in complex Drupal migrations and ensure brands and individuals are able to elevate their technological capabilities. With our diverse pool of Drupal experts, we offer you 360 degree Drupal development services that can help you build a competent website, backed with hyper care and maintenance support.

Desktop Application Development

Our specialized developers focus on helping clients evolve their core desktop applications with new functionality. We deliver high quality code for scalable custom apps and software, keeping in mind your business requirements. Building software that can elevate your business operations, which is future forward and risk-free is where we see our products succeed. Whether you want to improve your employee productivity, increase sales, improve logistics or internal communication, our teams are proficient in building cross platform desktop apps that solve your problem.

Mobile Development

At BizIntelligence, we empower brands and individuals with cutting edge mobile app development services which are future proof and innovative. Our qualified mobile app developers specialize in creating technologies that are tailor made to your niche and business goals. Besides providing custom mobile app development, we offer cross-platform and enterprise mobile app development services with end-to-end application design, integration, enhanced upgrades and consistent maintenance. Experienced in working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, our passionate team of mobile developers ensure that we deliver to you the best technology within your budget and given timeframe.

DevOps Consulting

Being a one stop solution for all your web related needs, we aim to unlock new possibilities and efficiencies at an accelerated pace. Our vast network of accomplished developers, offer you all round services that will help you build, test and deploy high quality software to manage all your development projects. Taking a collaborative approach between development and operations, our team is committed to saving your agency time and resources while ensuring scalability. Moreover, our developers are available to you on demand to meet all your development needs, thereby capable of providing you an adaptive project life cycle. Our agile methodology to projects, enables us to identify your challenges and develop solutions that can provide business value.

Digital Marketing Services

From improving user engagement on your website to launching a new online business initiative, we’ve got you covered when dealing with the toughest internet marketing challenges. Our digital marketing specialists can give you the infrastructure required to create profound ROIs on your investments. By attracting new audiences and using tools that boost your brand awareness, our team can provide you with the right tools and resources to level up your marketing game. Whether you are a B2B firm, consumer or ecommerce platform, our team is a creative powerhouse that can cater to all your in house needs.

Here are some of our most sought after services:

  • SEO & SEM
  • Creative Design Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Dedicated Hiring

Besides hiring us for our full fledged service packages, you can get dedicated developers to work as an extension of your development team. Our experienced programmers can be hired to meet your long term and short term requirements, ranging from hourly to weekly basis. We ensure you have the right developers under your direct management, equipped with refined skill sets and knowledge to fill the gaps of your in-house IT team. Our self managed teams can also be hired to carry out your IT initiatives without the hassle of supervision and support staff from your end. At BizIntelligence, we provide developers who not only have the technical know-how but also the creative vision to elevate your digital journey.

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